Bruges 2008

A festive trip to Belgium to visit the Christmas market. We couldn’t have picked a colder weekend for this trip, so wet and freezing that Jill had to resort to buying a silly hat from one of the market stalls just to keep warm.

The market itself was a big disappointment, a few tacky stalls selling junk surrounding a small ice rink in the main square, but at least there were plenty of places to drop into for a warming glass of mulled wine or a bottle of our favourite Belgian ales.


There were some great cafe bars selling a huge range of beers, but our favourite was definitely the Cambrinus just off the market square. This fantastic place had some great value food along with a beer menu the size of the Oxford English Dictionary!

There’s an ice sculpture exhibition here every winter, (Harry Potter in 2008) well worth a visit providing you have some very warm clothing!