My World

Italy – March 2024

We had talked about going to Italy for a while, and finally got around to it at the beginning of spring. We had hoped to escape the incessant rain and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Friday 22nd An early start meant that we landed in Pisa late afternoon, with plenty of time to enjoy our first evening in Italy. A …

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USA & Canada

USA & Canada – Sep 2023

A holiday that was several years in the planning, and meant to be one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ events where the experience is much more important than the expense. Originally it was to have been a celebration of my 60th birthday but Covid-19 got in the way. The following year we made plans again and this time everything …

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Northumberland May 2023

Amble, on the North Sea coast of Northumberland was not a place I’d heard of before. Not far from its more famous neighbour Alnwick the town of Amble is a small harbour whose habitants seem to be largely tourists. It also seems compulsory to own a dog. I couldn’t exactly describe it as picturesque or even quaint, but it was …

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Chester – April 2023

Chester, a place of hidden treasures. I came here once in the 80’s; I remember the galleried shops, the clock and the walls, but little else. But then again, the company I was with at the time wasn’t the most stimulating! Roll on 35 years and (some) of the memories came straight back. The walls! Why it is that some …

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Newsies – March 2023

Another theatre trip to London but this time not the West End. This time the destination was the Troubadour Theatre near Wembley to see a show called Newsies. It didn’t sound very exciting to me; a story about street newspaper sellers going out on strike at the turn of the century, but it was something Jill really wanted to see. …

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Burton Agnes

Burton Agnes Feb 2023

We decided that we were getting far too lethargic and comfortable with staying home. A motion was passed to get out and do more despite our age starting to get the better of us! It was a pleasant Sunday and we decided to set off for Burton Agnes Hall. The house itself was closed for the season but apparently the …

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The Canaries Jan 2023

This was our third attempt at a cruise in the last 5 months. The first was cancelled after I was admitted to hospital for a month long residency owing to a blood infection. The second was cancelled after discovering that my passport only had 3 months left on it. And then we almost missed the flight for this one.  Buying …

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Buxton May 2022

3 days in Buxton with a chance to visit the Buxton Brewery tap house sounded like a damned good idea to me. We housed up in a cottage within walking distance of the centre, albeit down (and up) a rather long and steep hill. We spent the first day exploring the local area, enjoying the Pavilion Gardens and wandering around …

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