Burton Agnes Feb 2023

We decided that we were getting far too lethargic and comfortable with staying home. A motion was passed to get out and do more despite our age starting to get the better of us!

It was a pleasant Sunday and we decided to set off for Burton Agnes Hall. The house itself was closed for the season but apparently the snowdrop in the surrounding woods were worth the trip. I was a little sceptical as we’d once gone to see the daffodil walk at Farndale and left there  very disappointed. I’d seen more daffodils lining the roadsides of Hull.

Jill had subscribed to ‘Historic Houses’ which meant we got in at a discount; and it was well worth the entry fee. The  grounds were quite substantial, and despite much of it being left over winter there was still plenty to explore. The walk through the woods was magical  with carpets of snowdrops everywhere.

We also treated ourselves to a rather nice stone-baked pizza in the cafe before heading back home.

We will definitely be returning once the house reopens to the public. I’m sure the snowdrops  will be long gone, but there  should much more to see in the rest of the gardens by then.

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