The Awakening

Every so often Hull puts on an open air freebie for it’s people (and visitors) to enjoy. Following the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2021, ‘The Awakening’ was an offering to celebrate the coming of spring and the ’emergence from the pandemic’.

There were various events around the area from Queen Victoria Square to the Old Town’s High Street, with sound and light projections ranging from small displays in the windows of abandoned shops to the mesmerizing ‘Northern Lights’ show across the Rose Bowl of Queen’s Gardens.

Adjacent to this was the fire trail which wound its way around the footpath which cut through the lawns. Silhouettes were cast by flickering flames while others powered musical instruments. There was no danger of being cold as we followed the path amidst the warmth of countless fires.

There were some strange and giant creatures wandering around the periphery of the gardens. I’m not sure what these were meant to be but they were clearly well equipped to fit in with the sound and light theme.

Across to Zebedee’s Yard and we found the Halo installation. Many illuminated rings stacked on posts which gave of a cacophony of sound when touched. I couldn’t really describe it as a musical experience but it was certainly popular with the kids.

The event was well attended with crowds of people milling around well into the evening. I could have stayed all night at the Rose Bowl. It’s been one of my ambitions to see the Northern Lights; and this is something I’ve yet to experience despite two skiing holidays within the Arctic Circle. Maybe this is as close as I’m going to get!

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