Newsies – March 2023

Another theatre trip to London but this time not the West End. This time the destination was the Troubadour Theatre near Wembley to see a show called Newsies. It didn’t sound very exciting to me; a story about street newspaper sellers going out on strike at the turn of the century, but it was something Jill really wanted to see.

Together with friends Pete & Donna, we booked a couple of nights at the Corus Hotel overlooking Hyde Park.

We got the tube from Lancaster Gate to Wembley. Walking down those steps onto ‘Wembley Way’ really brought back memories of the Tigers victory in the Championship play-off final back in 2006, when they gained their first ever promotion into the Premier League.

Food and drink was consumed at the very busy Boxpark, with a great range of food but disappointing choice of ale (as in none).

A short walk to the Troubadour and we waited for the show to begin. It was pretty loud and I found the squeaky American accents pretty annoying to start with; I don’t think the sound was quite right. The second half though seemed much better, the dancing and acrobatics were superb and I found myself really starting to enjoy it. Jill and I actually went back later in the year to watch it a second time!

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