My World

Italy – March 2024

We had talked about going to Italy for a while, and finally got around to it at the beginning of spring. We had hoped to escape the incessant rain and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Friday 22nd An early start meant that we landed in Pisa late afternoon, with plenty of time to enjoy our first evening in Italy. A …

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USA & Canada

USA & Canada – Sep 2023

A holiday that was several years in the planning, and meant to be one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ events where the experience is much more important than the expense. Originally it was to have been a celebration of my 60th birthday but Covid-19 got in the way. The following year we made plans again and this time everything …

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Northumberland May 2023

Amble, on the North Sea coast of Northumberland was not a place I’d heard of before. Not far from its more famous neighbour Alnwick the town of Amble is a small harbour whose habitants seem to be largely tourists. It also seems compulsory to own a dog. I couldn’t exactly describe it as picturesque or even quaint, but it was …

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The Canaries Jan 2023

This was our third attempt at a cruise in the last 5 months. The first was cancelled after I was admitted to hospital for a month long residency owing to a blood infection. The second was cancelled after discovering that my passport only had 3 months left on it. And then we almost missed the flight for this one.  Buying …

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The Trossochs June 2021

Friday 25th We set off for an overnight stay in Dumfries with rain battering the newly washed car. It never stopped. We drove through a curtain of rain along the M62, the A1M, and onto the A66 where I took over the wheel to join a traffic jam all the way to the M6. The journey took an hour longer …

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Cornwall June 2019

Friday 21st After a lengthy period of rain, the weather faired up just in time for the long drive south. Mostly motorway, the drive was a long one with two accidents and general congestion turning a 3.5 hour journey into more than 5 hours. We broke up the trek with an overnight stay at the Black Horse in North Nibley. …

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Scotland May 2018

Coral & William had bought themselves a large touring caravan, and came up with the crazy suggestion of taking it on a grand tour of Scotland’s coastline, something called the North Coast 500. William had been looking at various caravan club sites which could serve as stopping points on this epic journey. It would take almost two weeks to drive …

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Northumberland Sep 2017

Our ‘cottage’ holiday in Seahouses turned out to be a modern terraced house in the middle of a small estate. It was comfortable enough though and in a good location for the surrounding area. The standard of accommodation was generally good, the only things which let it down were noisy doors, a weak flow of water in the bathroom sink …

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Adriatic Cruise May 2017

Our second cruise with Coral and William, the tour of the Adriatic was an adventure mainly set in Croatia, with a brief visit to Slovenia and a stop-off in Venice along the way. It was an early flight to Dubrovnik, so we travelled down to Doncaster the night before and had a bit of a jolly on the town before …

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Thornwick Bay June 2016

We used to have caravan holidays when we were kids, and I remember having some great fun at ‘the seaside’. But the last time I stayed on the coast in a van was an interminable week at Kilnsea, just me and my parents, with most of the time spent amusing myself on the deserted beach or making model aeroplanes on …

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