My World

Chester – April 2023

Chester, a place of hidden treasures. I came here once in the 80’s; I remember the galleried shops, the clock and the walls, but little else. But then again, the company I was with at the time wasn’t the most stimulating! Roll on 35 years and (some) of the memories came straight back. The walls! Why it is that some …

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Newsies – March 2023

Another theatre trip to London but this time not the West End. This time the destination was the Troubadour Theatre near Wembley to see a show called Newsies. It didn’t sound very exciting to me; a story about street newspaper sellers going out on strike at the turn of the century, but it was something Jill really wanted to see. …

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Burton Agnes

Burton Agnes Feb 2023

We decided that we were getting far too lethargic and comfortable with staying home. A motion was passed to get out and do more despite our age starting to get the better of us! It was a pleasant Sunday and we decided to set off for Burton Agnes Hall. The house itself was closed for the season but apparently the …

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Buxton May 2022

3 days in Buxton with a chance to visit the Buxton Brewery tap house sounded like a damned good idea to me. We housed up in a cottage within walking distance of the centre, albeit down (and up) a rather long and steep hill. We spent the first day exploring the local area, enjoying the Pavilion Gardens and wandering around …

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Saltburn Pier

Saltburn – November 2021

We decided to take a late autumn break before the cold weather set in. Jill had found a flat with a sea view from a large bay window. We could look down onto the beach each day while having our morning coffee. The shortest route took us up the B1248 through Malton, and then across the wilds of the North …

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Staithes – Sept 2020

So, the Covid-19 lockdown was over. So many things had been missed and cancelled throughout the year; it was time to catch up. We had visited Staithes briefly on a previous trip up the north east coast, now it was time for a proper exploration with three days booked in Coble Cottage, overlooking the harbour. We left Hull mid morning …

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Oxford Street

London Lights

December 27th, Christmas over and time to take Michael home to suburban London. A chance for mum to inspect his new Rickmansworth flat. We decided to take the scenic route rather than the long boring A1. It took a while longer but we made good progress until nearing the outskirts of the capital. Queuing traffic on the motorway delayed our …

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The Greatest Day Out – Headingley 2019

Well where do I begin? Sometimes luck plays a part in life, whether for better or worse. Sometimes decisions are made which are later regretted, and sometimes taking a chance can pay off. But the decision that Jill made a few days ago to bid in the Dove House Hospice fund raising auction for a pair of Ashes tickets turned …

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East Lancashire Railway – July 2019

We visited Bury in October last year to see The Stumble at The Met, one of our favourite bands. We were lucky enough to also stumble across a steam railway gala during our visit to the Trackside bar during the afternoon, and who can help but get caught up in the romance of the age of steam? There were special …

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