Tenfoot Two

If you’re not from the city of Hull, then you may not know what a ‘tenfoot’ is – I have to confess that despite being a native, the term was unknown to me until my early twenties, owing to the fact that in the area I grew up in there were none. You may know them as alleys, back passages, ginnels, snickets, but in Hull, tenfoots (common driveways) often give shared access to the rear of houses or a block of garages, which may or may not necessarily be ten foot (feet) wide. They are places where kids get up to mischief, cars are abandoned, and burglars ply their nightly trade. We are Hull, we are Tenfoot City.

My website is basically a place to store my memories, because as I get older I find that my brain becomes ever more unreliable for the job. It’s a place I can come back to when I need a reminder of all the fun that I’ve had.

I also use it sometimes to express opinions. It matters not whether you agree or disagree, as I don’t allow comments; it just gives me the chance to get things off my chest.

So if you’re a stranger and you happen to stumble by, I hope you find something of interest and loiter a while. But if not then I wish you luck in your onward journey and hope that your surfing brings you to a happy place.

…oh by the way, there are two of us:

My partner Jill also lives at Tenfoottwo, you’ll find her probably doing some knitting when she’s not busy shouting out about how wonderful our city is or acting as a City of Culture volunteer.