Thornwick Bay (Part 3) May 2019

This was our third visit to Thornwick Bay in the last 4 years (yes I think we like the place), and our second visit to this particular static caravan; a great location, not far from the cliffs, affording a view out to the sea. The only downside this time was that the mist was spoiling the view; our hoped-for good weather hadn’t arrived.

It was a three night visit, with a leisurely drive up on Friday 17th. We unpacked and settled in, treated ourselves to a drink of Leffe brune, and chilled out for a while before summoning up the energy to wander down to the bay for a while.

Luckily the mist had cleared a little, and our efforts were rewarded by the largest number of puffins we’d yet to see in the area. Around a dozen were spotted, either on the cliffs, or bobbing about in the water, and we spent quite a while watching them going to and fro, before the chilly air made us retreat back to the caravan, where we enjoyed a lovely fillet steak meal and a relaxing evening.

On Saturday, it was still grey and misty, but at least the forecasted rain had stayed away. The plan had been to go to Bridlington and spend the afternoon on a boat trip aboard the Yorkshire Belle; but the weather put paid to that, not only would the view of the cliffs been poor but the trips were cancelled anyway owing to the sea conditions.

We decided to walk through the village and across to South Landing. The journey took us far longer than we thought, not helped by the fact that most of it was uphill along a pretty boring and straight main road. Jill had wanted to do a tour of the lighthouse, but again the fog meant that any view from the top would have been rendered pointless, so instead we climbed down onto Selwick Bay, where we were lucky enough to spot a seal relaxing in the shallows.

We couldn’t face the walk back along the main road, so returned along the cliff top walk, stopping regularly to watch the birds, which were thankfully still clearly visible as the mist had retreated some way out. By the time we got back, we estimated that we had walked around 7 miles, we were both really tired with aching feet, but had still enjoyed the day and strangely enough, both came back with a bit of a sun tan!

Sunday was meant to be a more relaxing day, with a nearby visit to the White Horse at Bempton for Sunday lunch (review here), followed by a visit to Bempton Cliffs for more bird watching. We were talked into joining the RSPB on arrival at the cliffs, and then spent an hour or two watching the gannets and other sea birds from the viewing points. The weather was much improved with some warming sunshine at times, we may have spent more time out but the onset of chest pains for me meant that I was keen to get back to the caravan and put my feet up for the rest of the day.

We didn’t have to check out early on Monday, so we had time for a leisurely breakfast before packing. Another misty morning meant that it wasn’t really worthwhile paying a last visit to the beach. Another enjoyable stay was over, and were both a little downhearted as we said goodbye to one of our favourite parts of the country and hit the road for home.