Andorra 2006

On our second visit to Andorra Coral somehow managed to get us intermediate skiing lessons for the princely sum of £11 for the week! So Coral, Tina, William, me, and an Israeli woman brushed up on our skills and reached the heady heights of the red slopes with our personal trainer.

For me it was a welcome return to confidence after a poor performance the previous year in Canada, where a new set of skis and many falls had really dented my enthusiasm for the sport.

Our Israeli friend found the going a bit too advanced for her abilities, and after a few sessions she decided to drop out, leaving just the four of us to advance our abilities. Under the guidance of the Spanish trainer, we conquered slopes we would have shied away form on our own, and we even had a (somewhat unsuccessful) attempt at skiing on one leg!


Due to my lack of confidence I’d taken out a pair if hire skis at the start of the holiday, but when I stepped back into my own planks towards the end of the week I found control that I’d never experienced before. Look out people of Andorra, there’s a madman coming down the slopes!

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