Les Houches 2010

We descended en masse into the Chamonix region of France, our destination a ‘ski in, ski out’ chalet in the village of Les Houches. Turned out to be more of a ‘climb out, fall in’ affair with more accidents there than on the piste!

The main party arrived a week before, with more of us following a week later. We were housed in chalets with treacherous steps and slippery inclines waiting to catch the unwary and those who’d had a bit too much to drink. The days were spent navigating slopes which were often icy, and the nights spent carrying casseroles and boxes of wine between each others’ apartments, and listening to William’s hilarious narration of the Janet & John stories.


The skiing in Les Houches was pretty demanding at times, with much of the piste in shade resulting in ski shuddering icy conditions which played havoc with aching thighs. I struggled and had far too many falls for my liking, especially the one where I landed on my camera, breaking the LCD screen and giving myself a lovely bruise. The most annoying thing though was that the camera wasn’t damaged in a spectacular fall on the piste, but while I was trying to negotiate the drop down to the chalets at the end of the session.

Jill tried her hand at cross country skiing with Alison & John. She came back in one piece but still wasn’t converted to the idea of winter sports; she felt more inclined to a spot of al fresco knitting, taking her needles up the mountain to sit purling away the hours under the Alpine sun.

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