Jasper 2005

The family split for this year’s holiday to Canada, with Coral, William and co. heading out first, them me, Tina, Andrew & the lads going two weeks later. It was the first time we’d taken two whole weeks and I have to admit that this was a bit of a strain on the legs!

My first impression of Canada was the extreme cold as we first stepped down off the coach. It was around -40 Celsius and the sensation of having the inside of your nose freeze the moment you inhale was an experience not to be forgotten! I’ve never been so cold as I was after the short walk to our room from the hotel check in, this was a place where it was impossible to go outside without several layers of clothing on and having everything covered up.


This was the first time I’d used my own skis and I struggled to come to terms with them on the relatively steep slopes, despite there being acres of space and taking a one to one training session. I fell many times and really began to lose confidence, eventually taking to using snow blades for a break. I got a bit too adventurous using these though at point and attempted a black slope riddled with moguls. I ended up having to walk down it and once more the confidence was gone.

I took a full day off the slopes part way through the holiday, staying back at the hotel to put my feet up. This was the day we had ‘freezing rain’ where the raindrops turn to ice on contact with anything; I foolishly attempted to go for a walk but soon discovered that without the local’s trick of wearing boot spikes it was impossible to stay on your feet. I didn’t make more than a hundred yards before turning back. This was the sort of  weather which would bring the UK to a standstill, but the Canadians just get on with as you can see from the Cola truck above pulling away from our hotel seemingly oblivious to the sheets of ice.

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