Scotland May 2018

Coral & William had bought themselves a large touring caravan, and came up with the crazy suggestion of taking it on a grand tour of Scotland’s coastline, something called the North Coast 500. William had been looking at various caravan club sites which could serve as stopping points on this epic journey. It would take almost two weeks to drive up to Inverness, complete the 500 mile route (with a few minor detours on the way), followed by the return journey from Inverness to home. It sounded like quite an adventure!

Friday 4th – Durham Grange (115 miles)

A normal day off work for me, so I went to Coral & William’s early to get the car unloaded and put stuff in the caravan, while we waited for Jill to arrive from work. The plan was to set off as soon as possible in order to get to Durham, and there we would camp overnight before setting off on the first long leg to Edinburgh on Saturday.

I’d cooked a chilli and jacket potatoes so that we didn’t have to worry about food when we got there, the idea being that we’d just berth the caravan, warm up the food, and crack open a bottle or two. The two slight flaws in this plan were that I’d grossly undercooked the potatoes, and an obviously stressed William wasn’t able to get the electricity hook-up working. After a long bout of swearing and door slamming, I ventured over to the hook-up post where the instructions read ‘push and twist’… William had already done the pushing bit so I did a quick twist and hey presto we had power! The potatoes still never got properly cooked though.

Saturday 5th – Edinburgh (140 miles)

The journey to Edinburgh took us through some familiar scenery, as we drove along the Northumberland coast, parts of which we’d visited the previous September. A large blue and white signpost on the A1 announced our passing of the border and we were now officially entering Scotland with a cheer.

There were more hiccups as we camped up at Edinburgh; there were problems with the water connection and a leak was discovered as water dripped from one of the wheel arches