Skipton Jan 2016

This was our first proper holiday for some time; due to lack of time and money caused by running Beer in a Bottle, we’d not really had chance to get away for more than a couple of days. We knew we had little to lose by closing the shop in January and decided we needed a proper break… cue for a trip to the far north of Yorkshire.

We’d both visited Skipton before but never actually stayed here, but it seemed a good base to set up camp so we could explore the area. The ‘cottage’ Jill had booked was a strange three level place, with a bedroom and shower below decks, the kitchen / dining room at street level, and a living room on the upper floor; a comfortable place overlooking the canal. It was freezing downstairs until we realised that there was an under-floor heating system in the bathroom which was so hot we had to stand on towels! Perfectly located with a great butcher’s shop next door, and the Castle pub opposite, it seemed an ideal location. Especially when we discovered that the Castle had Old Peculier on draught.

Our first day was spent mooching around the town itself, the temperature had plummeted and number one priority was to buy a thermal vest and a warm jumper.

The thermals came in handy when we went for our walk into Skipton Castle woods. Snow had arrived, giving the place a fairytale aspect as we walked along the canal. It was a lovely way to kick off our exploration of the area and a good way to work up a thirst for quenching in one of the town