Can I Get?

When I did my schooling, a very long time ago, we did something called lessons in English. We were taught mysterious subjects such as ‘grammar’, ‘spelling’, and suchlike…. I wonder when it was they stopped teaching those?

Kids these days often leave school with little idea of how to use their own langauge, indeed many of the foreigners which we are now inundated with can speak English better than many of our own children.

Everything is in text speak and I’m absolutely convinced this isn’t just because of laziness, these kids just can’t spell.

One of the most irritating things of late though is the number of people who now speak American English with such things as describing the last letter of the alphabet as a ‘zee’ instead of a zed. And how many of you now go into a shop or bar and ask if you can ‘get’ something?’ The answer should be ‘No, you can’t get it, in order to do that you would have to come behind the counter… you can have whatever you like but it’s the assistant’s job to get it for you!’