Pave Bar

We had visited Pave with friends a couple of weeks ago to watch a band and have lunch. The food was really good and we decided to give it another chance for an evening meal one Thursday night after a previously unsatisfactory experience.

We had been hoping for a decent cask ale, and we were not disappointed with what we found. Muddy Boots, a rich roasty porter from Great Newsome really hit the spot for both of us.

The food selection however was quite limited, a small menu and a limited choice on the specials board; and what choice there was seemed to be heavily in favour of meat free options. Also no-one else appeared to be eating, and Jill didn’t feel comfortable about being the only table in the room with food in front of us. For while we thought about going elsewhere to eat but in the end plumped for staying put, partly influenced by the fact that we were enjoying the beer so much, and as food started to appear around the room our mind was made up.

Jill went for a fish finger sandwich, and for me it was the New York burger from the specials. A short while later I was told the last of these had just been sold, but the chef had just put out some pulled pork if I’d be happy to have that as an alternative.

I agreed to the pulled pork ‘burger’ but was a little taken aback when it appeared in a black bread bun. At first I thought it had been burnt, but no, black bread it was and I have to admit to being surprised at how nice it was.

We both had a bowl of proper chips which were fried to perfection, and overall both meals were thoroughly enjoyable.

So, Pave had redeemed itself; despite the knob in half-mast rolled up jeans and formal shoes with no socks, and an otherwise very irritating appearance who was constantly parading in and out the front door as if determined to be noticed.

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