Lodge Cafe Bar

LodgeAnother addition to the steadily growing Newland Avenue scene, Lodge is not surprisingly a cafe bar. Built upon the premises of an old Heron’s frozen food shop, this new bar is very tidy if a little stark in design; it could do with some soft furnishings to break up the sharp edges. The fixtures and fittings are to a very high standard however, right up to the toilet facilities which I have to say are some of the best I’ve seen for quite a while… immaculately presented.

A new bar from the owners of Lounge on nearby Princes Avenue, we recognised some of the staff from there, and the lopsided ‘O’ in the logo is also a bit of a giveaway.

If you’ve enjoyed the great standard of service that the Lounge normally provides, you’ll not be disappointed here. Everything is kept spotlessly clean, and the service is polite and efficient.

The menu is certainly a bit different with some interesting new things to try. We tried a ‘pulled pork’ barbecue wrap and chilli burger both with fries. The portions weren’t huge, but value for money at the price and the quality was spot on. I would prefer proper chips though!

I’m pleased to see that the Lodge has three ales on hand pump. The Black Sheep (groan) is a regular but the other two are apparently changing guests. On our visit these were Clark’s Westgate Gold which was nice enough and a Titanic Iceberg which was very nice indeed. I just hope that enough people who visit this place will drink the ales and keep them rotating and fresh!

The Lodge is a welcome addition to the area and a place which on the strength of this visit can be highly recommended for a bite to eat or just a quiet pint.