Larkin’s Bar

Larkin’s Bar on the ever popular Newland Avenue in Hull, has been around for quite a now. While other places open and close, Larkin’s somehow manages to keep going. Although it’s a food led cafe bar, it’s one of thus places you don’t feel out of place if you’re just going in for a drink, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and if the weather is good, there is also a sizeable beer garden to enjoy.

We have eaten here many times in the past, and although it’s very popular with diners, we became wary due to the lack of consistency. The quality of food was varied, and sometime served with a strange choice of vegetables. For quite a while we stopped eating there, preferring just to enjoy a drink now and then.

They always have three well kept cask ales on, plus a range of canned and bottles ales, so there is always a reasonable choice for us beer enthusiasts.

On the occasion, we decided to try the food once more. We were at the end of a holiday, couldn’t be bothered to cook, and both fancied a beer.

Jill had a ‘garlic and chilli chicken’ which she’d had before and really enjoyed, but this wasn’t quite the same. Rather than a breast on the one, it was filleted, slightly overcooked, and lacking in flavour.

I went for the Cajun chicken sizzler, which comes on a sizzling dish with peppers, and a side of salad and fries. Again I had eaten this before and usually enjoyed it apart from the last time. On this visit however it was excellent. There was lots of chicken which was cooked to perfection, juicy and tender in a flavourful sauce, and the fries were a great accompaniment. I really enjoyed it.

Larkin’s menu is pretty traditional, with a selection of burgers and pub classics, and they also have regular specials. Would I recommend it? Well I’d love to if only they could get the consistency right!

You can find them at 48 Newland Avenue, or visit their website here.