Da Gianni

It was an Easter Sunday ‘crew’ night out, with a close group of friends who we’ve known for many years with drinks first in the ever popular Pave bar, followed by Italian food on Princes Avenue.

We all enjoy Italian, and it’s not the first time we’ve been here, so we were looking forward to a nice meal.

It was surprisingly quiet, there were only 2 other tables occupied; and although we were quickly seated at our booked table, it was quite some time before anyone came over to offer us drinks.

The taking of our food order was equally slow, and I have to say that guy who came to our table was quite simply rude. He spent most of his time looking out of the window and tapping his pen in his notepad, and was paying no attention whatsoever to Jill as she was about to place her order.

We started with a couple of garlic pizza base breads to share, one with tomato and the other with pesto. The base was delightfully thin and crispy, and these soon disappeared.

Main courses were varied, ranging from chicken in creamy tomato sauce to pasta, and a calzone pizza, and again all agreed the food was very good.

A horrible bottle of chianti was shared, which wasn’t cheap at £22.95, and we had to switch to the more expensive Primitivo at £25.95 which was vastly superior.

For six of us, the bill came to £129.90, which included, 2 starters, 6 main courses, two bottles of wine, and an incongruous can of Worthington’s bitter. This was good value for money, and the food was definitely worth returning for; unlike the service unfortunately.